What is Native Advertising?

Consider a constantly talked advertising model, one of the marketing trends that cannot be stopped. Both user friendly and brand friendly. So what was this model, how would it work, why would it be loved? I will briefly talk about what is native advertising.

Everyone says “Content is king!”. We have been preparing content for years, trying to deliver them to the user. We use our content cloud to express ourselves as a brand, to touch the spirit of our user, to be useful to someone, or to sell something. This path, which passes through the blog sections of corporate sites and social media channels of brands, ends with the content reaching the user.

What we call Native advertising is that the content goes to the user through different channels and other media. As a user, we see the product in the videos for a short time, watching the message of the product in the entire video, but we are not disturbed. Because we watch intentionally, we consume content, not advertising. For this reason, most of the jobs with high virality are now built with the logic of native advertising. Thanks to these content with high spreading potential and non-advertisement, users interact with the brand and content at higher rates.

Is this new? No it is not. While the growth rate of digital has increased with the consumption rate of the content, it has become a prerequisite for doing business better in online platforms rather than preferred. However, sponsoring magazine and newspaper content since the 60s, advertorials used for years, etc. are all native ads.

Native Advertising Projections for 2016

  • Web homepage investments will become meaningless. Brands, beware! Do not invest in homepages whose traffic is very low compared to site traffic because we do native advertising. If you’re doing, be careful with the metrics you choose to measure engagement.
  • In the video: 3, the new 30. We no longer watch long, beautiful videos and consume all of the content. Naturally, the increasing speed and content consumption reduced the minutes to seconds. Now, you should show the content you previously transferred in 30 seconds in 3 seconds and in an attractive way.
  • Headlines are new creativity. Unlike tag targeting in display ads, creative titles that require serious editorial skills and represent content in 30-40 characters are essential in native advertising.
  • Native banners will continue to rise. Nobody even perceives meaningless areas in the advertising column, in tiny boxes with visuals and text or without visuals, shouting “I am the advertisement”. In the feed of the following content producers, content that does not cause any doubt should be prepared.
  • Press releases posted to blogs are not native ads. I see uniform, insincere, ordinary and identical content on all blogs. Don’t, just don’t.
  • Not an article, particle. People don’t read anything long, they don’t like it. Content like PowerPoint presentation is loved, not like novel. Short and concise, not literary, humorous, serious but sincere content is always more natural.
  • There are crazy targeting options on mobile! We are now able to work on content that is different enough to scare smartphone users, and that we can directly contact the user. In a content appearing on a mobile application, “Hello Ezgi, the weather is 26 degrees today. But still take your cardigan with you.” a brand that says, can affect me a lot.

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