Fifth Actor in Advertising Sector

Although the structure below is sometimes intertwined, it can be considered as a table summarizing the actors of the sector in general. My radar has new faces! Better than any of these actors, actors that are not as obvious as they are and maybe we have just seen their potential…

Advertisers: Businesses who want to deliver messages to the audience they are aiming to sell or raise awareness of.

Advertising Agencies: People who work to bring the messages advertisers want to deliver to the audience they are targeting.

Publishers: Businesses that provide content to consumers, transmit advertiser messages, or allocate space for their delivery.

Supporters: All units that you can think of, such as research companies, producers, and printing houses.

Fifth Actor: Rear Door

In this four-legged and balanced system, there are actors who do not make an effort to be fifth but support the system somehow with the load they receive from the publishers. These businesses, which are not publishers but are used for broadcast purposes, are advertisers’ favorite in their “media-first” projects, advertising agencies praise them with words such as “user-experience” and “smart targeting”.

On the way to the room where the target audience is, you go out into the corridor and greet a lot of advertisers and pass through a back door, without seeing boring faces like “banner blindness” that you often hear in a rivalry or “ad blocker” brothers and sisters throw you down the hall. Isn’t that great?

I’m talking about creativity. I’m talking about small budgets and big influences, inspiring jobs. I love people who finding points that are not publishers but host audiences, people who do unimaginable, successful work. I want to hear and see these works which have very meaningful results especially in the young target audience. Now, let me go to the examples 🙂

Yataş – Tinder Campaign

I think Yataş’s Tinder campaign was the most creative and amazing campaign a mattress brand could do to reach its young target audience. They created a Tinder profile and have prepared profile photos consisting of sentences such as “I’m very good in bed” and “Do you want to sleep with me tonight?”. Giant applause for the groundbreaking Yataş!

Yataş, which has opened an era in the use of alternative media, has signed a business with high WOM effect, which does not require media buying. Was Tinder a publisher? No. Tinder was the back door that opened into the bedroom of the young audience.

DIMES – WhatsApp Campaign

DIMES, who has signed a comprehensive cooperation with Can Bonomo in the past years, has developed a fun and different method and established a sincere relationship with its target audience. Can Bonomo, who has a special concert in collaboration with DIMES, said, “Write us from Whatsapp or send us a photo or video to attend the concert. Maybe you’ll be one of the 30 lucky people we’ll send the secret place of the concert and the special invitation.” and brought his followers together with DIMES on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp was a publisher? Did Dimes cost anything other than sim card and internet? No. No.

As I come across new examples, I will be adding them here. It would be great if you share the projects that you think of ‘must be here’!

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