“You” but not in general terms

We’re almost in the 2020s, the years we are in, the years of saying everything must be about me. But some are still in pursuit of big data by making generalizations. No, I’m not telling you not to use big data. But stop, think first. We are in a period in which everyone is aware of himself, knows exactly what he wants, conveys his status and dreams with a single click, and expects to be treated differently than everyone else. If we don’t move according to the period, why are we struggling in such a dynamic area, my brother who read this article?

It was a success to segment the target audience 3-4 years ago and to create meaningful groups in clean data. When an e-commerce site uses creative data for cross-selling, when one of the team members says they need to sell sheets to people who buy beds.. That means that person or brand was doing well. It was creativity! If a brand selling mascara was combining the average life of mascara with dynamic lists, calls out to its consumers at the optimum times, makes a salute and reminds itself, it was to be innovative! These were great..

Not anymore.

We’re consuming fast, yes, but isn’t that the beauty of our work? We have the power to produce faster than we consume!

Now these examples are standard uses, optimization areas and old habits. We need to do something new. It’s not easy to frame a new world. But what the famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet said, “how lovely it is to remember you”, hey consumer, how lovely to remember you indeed. It’s lovely  to know what you love, what you’ve escaped, understand the situation you’re in, and remember the situations you’re in!

Well, if you’re already a set of data alone, why would I pick you up and put you in an ordinary group of people I think you look like?

For me, the world ahead of the big data is just micro moments. Smart targeting, real-time communications, ways of thinking that destroy patterns are now on the agenda. Saying “we think it is, because you’re like this” to consumer groups is not enough! It’s time to say “this is the case because you are like this” to the consumer.

But how?

Summer is almost over. Let’s think about what can be done. The weather is getting cold, rainy days are at the door, boring and sweltering days are close. Mass communication that prioritizes the seasonality is like the trend of two years ago. Imagine a day in November that’s 25 degrees and you’re talking about cold weather. Disgrace! But you can target the weather. You can say let’s use the first scenario when the weather drops below 10 degrees and if the weather is sunny between 10-20, the second scenario, if it is closed between 10-20, the third scenario, the last scenario for 20 and above. Isn’t it better to say real things in the real world than to say things in your own fictional world?

There’s traffic, not lies. But with the knowledge of traffic, if you put a radio spot at the exact start of rush hour and tell people “are you in traffic”? Maybe the guy pulled the car to the beach watching the sunset. When you have the ability to connect emotionally, don’t spend this nice idea on the radio, come on mobile and invest the budget. Target the progress distance from mobile device locations, how long or how slow or fast the way to go (but if it is too slow, the target person may be walking, watch out!). If he’s in traffic, and you know it, if you’re cheering him up, if you understand that person, there’s nothing better than you!

Try, try, try!

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