Psychology of Search: Understanding the User

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an area where the level of success is determined in relation to user behavior and how much you guess and understand it. Search engines are indispensable for this; of course, user-friendly, not businesses. Search engines, which constantly update their algorithms to understand the user better, are working to bring the things users are looking for, as we all know. In this case, it is possible to say that there are three parties: we (content producers), search engines (connection point), user (searchers).

When examining the psychology of search, we should not worry about the “algorithm”, but how to optimize our content for the users. Search engines are already working hard to derive semantic meanings, but as a content producer, we do our best to do our part, pay attention to the clarity of the visual and written materials of our ads, our landing page optimization, our in-site navigation, and understanding the user – even if they have expressed the wrong way. We must make sure they come to relevant pages.

We can start by understanding the identity of the users first. Who is our target audience and does it overlap with existing users? If it does not match, we can think that we are communicating wrongly. In order to understand the user, we can ask for help from research companies, contact users directly with small questionnaires or short questions, or try to make sense of the data sets we have.

The second step should be to check how well our content type and quality meet the expectation. Correct expression, proper expression and visual content are indispensableUsers want to know exactly what they are looking for; they want to see, understand and know. If you don’t provide them with what they’re looking for, they’ll go looking elsewhere for the answer. Let’s not forget that we live in a world where tweets with visuals receive 5 times more interaction.

Although it does not affect the user directly, there are some things that need to be done. Even if you are not crazy about SEO, if you cannot express yourself well to the search engine, it cannot understand who you are and say this to the user: “Look, this is here, you like it.” Be user-friendly, but don’t forget to endear yourself to search engines.

Days with lots of traffic, new users and high retention for everyone :)

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