Learning SEO: Getting Started

Learning SEO is something that anyone who is internet-savvy and loves digital can achieve. Once you start learning, you can start practicing right away and continue to learn while you’re in the process. It’s called learning on the road, that’s exactly what it is!

1. How do search engines work?

If you are going to do search engine optimization, you must first understand the working logic of the search engine. Thus, every step you take will be in accordance with the algorithm of the big ones such as Google, Yandex, Bing.

To understand this, the first source to open and look may be Google’s “How Search Works” page. This compilation briefly explaining search, crawl and index is a great resource for beginners. “Inside Search” is very useful when going a little deeper. Google has a lot of articles on the subject. Bottomless pit. You have to look …

2. What can be used as basic resources about SEO?

There are some very nice compilations of articles for beginners. I have listed some of them below.

  • Moz Beginner – Guide to SEO: It is a very good resource to print out and read by underlining. It consists of 10 chapters and is very pleasant and easy to read. If each section is taken up and supported by other sources, nobody can hold you back!
  • Search Engine Land – What is SEO?: This content is like a lesson. Thanks to this resource, which I like the periodic table analogy, it is possible to learn SEO in a very detailed way. There are lots of videos and links. Therefore, it does not appeal to hardcopy lovers.
  • Bloggerlar İçin SEO: If the source of your interest in SEO is having a blog, you can start directly with this guide. It contains summary information about links, contents, keywords and many more.

3. Is it possible to learn SEO with Video / Audio resources?

  • Mozinars: This is the name MOZ uses instead of the webinar. If you do not want to read MOZ’s articles I mentioned above, you can proceed by watching the videos in its archive. You can also sign up for the mailing list and update yourself constantly.
  • Udemy: You can also use Udemy, which offers online courses on many topics, to learn SEO. You can find topics related to SEO in the “marketing” section.
  • evolvingSEO: More than 30 videos published by Dan Shure pinpoint specific topics. Although it hasn’t uploaded videos for 1 year, beginners should take a look. You probably like it :)

4. What is on-page optimization? How is it done?

It is to make changes within the site to rise in search results. Site coding to be suitable for SEO, editing of meta titles and descriptions, original content, etc. can be discussed under this title.

  • Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page: Those who love to read infographic, run! My favorite and most readable content for on-page optimization was Baclinko’s.
  • SEO Checklist: If it is more convenient for you to read the checklist, put marks next to it and take notes, check this out. But a little knowledge is required to get a result from here. If you are at the SEO 101 level, I would say leave this for later.
  • On-Page Topic Targeting: You may have noticed that I love MOZ. Because obviously they’re pretty good. This article, which offers a highly visual narrative with practical and applicable advice, is also one of my favorites.

5. What is a link building? How is it done?

I start by giving the classic example, hear from me too. While in-site link building is about your building being solid and strong; Off-site link building is to improve the building and to support the building by giving power from outside. You can find detailed information on the subject using the resources below.

  • What is Link Building?: A simple article that answers questions like how it happened in the past, what it has become now. You can read for the introduction.
  • How to Build Link Popularity?: They have listed 71 good ways. Here are short and simple advice. Even if you do not do all of them one by one and do not understand some of them, be sure to read them to the end. You will see the advantage of keeping it in your mind.

Link Building Tactics: It’s too good. It’s a dynamic and fun resource to use. It’s possible to learn SEO like playing games!

The topic is getting longer. There are many sources that can be cited. For more detailed explanations, I will be publishing articles on each topic. You can follow here.

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